The women I work with

I work with busy women who generally want to lose some weight, feel more confident and have more energy.

Look after your health as your life will be only as long as your body allows it to be.

The secret behind these goals is organisation and planning. I am a natural organiser and planner. At university I was called MOP (Minister of Planning) and I have always had a passion for health - specifically preventative health. I believe it is up to each one of us to take self-responsibility and put ourselves in the driving seat when it comes to our health and life in general. My approach is therefore a holistic one as our health is, more often than not, a symptom of what is going on in our life in the bigger sense of the word.

As a health coach I won’t just be helping you with your food choices, but also supporting you in the other key areas in your life such as your relationships, your career and exercise. Our food and lifestyle choices are directly affected by what is happening in one or all of these key areas. I will help you to make a shift from unhealthy habits to healthy ones. Good health is all about good habits.

I am particularly interested in women in their 30's and 40's who have chosen the road less travelled. They have had interesting and varied lives and don't just accept the status quo - they question life. Embracing individuality isn't always easy as most people inherently want to belong... but it makes for a far more interesting life when we choose to write our own rule book.


Rachel Higgins, aged 31

Meet Rachel - she works in marketing and ended a long term relationship a few years ago. Since then she has been focusing on her career and keeping busy socialising with friends and colleagues. She wants to meet someone as she knows now that her break up was the best thing even though she didn't think it at the time but she has lost confidence as she has put on weight since ending her relationship.

In principle she thinks she knows what healthy eating looks like but she is too busy to spend time looking for strange super foods and antioxidants and doesn't see the point in cooking for one. She also knows she needs to exercise more but struggles to find the motivation and discipline. She is tired at the end of each day and isn't sleeping well as she finds herself worrying about her future and that she is behind her peers and might never meet ‘the one’.


Deborah Sparks - aged 44

Meet Deborah - she burns the candle at both ends, being a mother of three, a wife as well as having her own business. While she isn't overweight she realises her life isn't balanced and she doesn’t prioritise her health. While she tries to make relatively healthy meals for her children, she often favours ready made meals over home cooking. Her husband works late and her kids are at that age where they want to do their own thing and sitting down as a family at the table eating a health meal doesn’t seem to happen.

In her heart she knows her marriage isn't ideal and that they are living pretty much separate lives and her daily dose of wine and chocolate are compensating for what is missing. She knows she can't face looking at her life on her own and realises that if she doesn't address the underlying issues she is headed for a fall as her body is starting to show signs of emotional and physical fatigue. Her skin looks pale and lacks glow and she is always tired but doesn't know what she should be eating or how best to deal with her marriage.


Linda Hodge - aged 33

Meet Linda - she is extreme in many ways and her weight is one area where she yo-yos. She has been on every diet and loses weight but then puts it back on and not only does this depress her but the weight gain seems to be a little bit more each time. 

She is also facing challenges of being unsure of her sexuality. She is struggling to deal with what she feels is right for her but at the same time knowing how badly her family will react as well as some of her friends. It shouldn't be a big deal but she hates letting people down or disappointing them and people see her in a certain way which she feels isn't really her.

Linda's biggest challenge is that she isn't being true to herself or the world as to who she really is or what she wants and knows in her heart that these feelings are the root cause of her unhealthy eating and bad habits.


Vanessa Forbes - aged 47

Meet Vanessa - she is married with two children who are both at boarding school and so she has a lot more time on her hands. She has always liked food - more than she likes to admit - and by her own admission is guilty of secret eating, especially when she feels bored. She is lacking in confidence now that she has put on more weight since having more time to snack, her husband is very focused on his job so she is finding herself compensating for the feelings of loneliness and low self-esteem in sugary foods and wine.

She needs to find direction and a renewed life purpose as well as getting her weight under control.


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