What my Clients Say


When I started Hilbre’s Health Coaching program I was always tired and had a foggy head. I had started to think that everyone must be feeling the same and it is just a by product of trying to juggle being a mother, wife and having a career but how wrong I was. After only a few months of focusing on increasing my water intake and cutting back on sugary foods - I used to eat a mainly carbohydrate diet (which I hadn’t even realised). I started to feel like a totally different person. I now feel far more mentally alert from a healthier breakfast and drinking water when I wake up and more consistently throughout the day. I am eating a much more nutritious diet - rather than a starchy one and as a result I have more energy and feel better about myself in general. 

Hilbre has a fantastic way of not making you feel in any way like a failure, she constantly encouraged me to try new foods and I never felt judged when I fell back into my old patterns. It was such a positive experience and I truly felt nurtured into a new way of living which I now can’t believe I used to eat any other way. 


Sarah, aged 42


I can’t believe how much better I feel after doing Hilbre’s 6 month health coaching program. I never realised that bloating was so closely connected to the food choices I was making. I somehow just thought it was my body and that I must be having certain reactions to things but never really stopped to consider what I could do about it. I also can’t believe the difference the food changes I have made and the way my skin looks. People now actually comment on how bright I look and well I look - they never did that before. Hilbre has a wonderful way of gently encouraging you to try new things and so her focus of not stopping you eating things, makes it really easy to bring in new things as you definitely don’t feel you are missing out. If fact I can’t even remember when I stopped eating bread for lunch. I just don’t eat it anymore and can’t really believe I used to. Thank you Hilbre for your amazing support, inspiration and kind and continuous positive encouragement.


Megan, aged 34


Before I started health coaching I never really paid attention to food labels or looking at packets to see what the ingredients were. I have a busy job and love to go out so for me it was a case of just getting food inside me without realising what I was even doing. Working with Hilbre for the last 6 months has opened my eyes to what real food is all about and I am now disciplined that if I don’t know what an ingredient is, I won’t eat it. I will choose something else. I have also found that eating proper food has changed my taste buds and I now find food so tasty which before I hadn’t realised as most of my food was processed so loaded with sugar and salt. The health coaching programme has definitely given me more confidence and I feel a lot happier in myself and as a result of changing my health habits, I am starting to change other aspects of my life - for example I can feel I am outgrowing all the partying as I recognise it is not good for my body to keep having late nights and lots of alcohol.

Thank you Hilbre for your wonderful support and inspiration.


Helen, aged 36


For me this health coaching program was life-changing. I have spent my entire life counting calories and bouncing from one diet to another. It was an exhausting way to live and I always felt very lonely that other people didn't seem to have the same struggle with food that I seemed to have. It took me a long time to move away from the habit of looking at how many calories I was eating but as I started to see food in a more real sense and believing that my body would know what to do with the food because it was real, I felt a huge sense of release. Although I haven’t lost all the weight I was hoping to, I can see I am on the right path and that if I just keep going my body will hopefully keep shedding the excess weight. I realise I have also probably messed up my metabolism with all the yoyo dieting so I am now focusing on exercising more, alongside the change in food choices. I do feel better in myself, despite still being slightly overweight and my clothes definitely fit better so I am less bloated which has helped with my confidence. I have really enjoyed the experience of understanding the relationship between my body and food and that being a certain dress size isn’t everything in life. I am so much happier in myself after these 6 months. Hilbre you have been great at showing a real sense of empathy and understanding for how I have been feeling. 


Julia, aged 38


Hilbre’s coaching style has been amazingly non-judgemental. I went into this process expecting to be judged on my appalling eating and drinking habits and did not feel that once. What she does is hold up a mirror in a way that makes sense so you can see your patterns of behaviour which make me realise my weaknesses and therefore I was able to take away some important and profound lessons about my relationship with food. I realised that my eating patterns were directly linked to what was going on in other parts of my life and so I am now addressing those, which is making a huge difference to the food choices I am making and my habits in general.


Carmel, aged 47

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