What does Good Health and Wellness mean for you?

You have to listen to your own body because you are the only one living in it and you are unique and fabulous just as you are.

The Good Health Coach is not a diet, a pill, a false promise of quick results, a short-term solution to getting into that dress. It is about supporting you for an initial period of 6 months, on your own journey of self-discovery and honesty to a new way of being that is life-lasting. It is about empowering you to take self-responsibility for your health so you learn to understand your body and really connect with what it is telling you it needs in order to look and feel great. It is about connecting to your mind and emotions so you understand why you do what you do and that you can change your behaviour to that of a more positive and healthy one. 

My commitment to helping women achieve good health is not so they can live to be 100 or to look 10 years younger - it is about doing your very best to be free from illness and pain. It is about being able to enjoy the magic of movement - in essence, to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Watching my mother die in the prime of her life made me realise just how short life is and that we can influence our health by making healthy food and lifestyle choices.

I am no Puritan and I love chocolate and wine. For me life is too short to not eat chocolate, but too long to eat too much. I look forward to working with anyone who wants to get the most out of their life and to be the best version of themselves.

You can expect the following on your Good Health Coach journey:

  • NO dieting — say goodbye to empty promises from big diet companies aimed at getting rich while you are left feeling like a failure once again when the weight returns
  • NO calorie counting — yes this really is true! Calories are not equal
  • NO restrictions — just adding in good alternatives
  • NO fads — rather a life-lasting permanent new way of eating that isn’t just steamed broccoli and pale chicken
  • YES to bio-individuality — you are unique
  • YES to embracing cravings — they will become your best friend
  • YES to falling in love with movement — a supple body is a young body
  • YES to getting passionate about your life — do what you love
  • YES to understanding nutrition vs food — your body will take care of the rest

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