About Hilbre

Your health coach, Hilbre

Hilbre is an IIN graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, which is the largest nutrition school in the world, an experienced Life Coach from the leading Coaches Training Institute in California and a certified Firework Career Coach. Her passion for good health and living life to the full was born out of watching her mother die from cancer and realising how short life can be.

“I cannot be a good health coach if I don’t take care of myself. I believe it is essential in life that you walk your talk and therefore I have made my health and wellbeing my main priority. I eat well, exercise regularly, have my own coach, am working on developing more of a spiritual practice, do the work that I love and I focus daily on the most important relationship in my life – my marriage.

I have an incredible passion to share the magic of what it feels like to feel good. I would love you to really know yourself and your power. I feel we owe it to ourselves to be in healthy and positive relationships, enjoy the work we do,  surround ourselves with positive and uplifting people and spend time in nature and giving back.

I want to help you to be free of the pain of dieting and to experience life without being on a diet. I want to help you feel connected to your body and to love being in your body. I want to help you move from living a life of beige to one of colour. You owe it to yourself to live fully and to show the world the best version of yourself."


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